ECMR – Experience Center Mobile Robotics

Experience Center Mobile Robotics - what for?

Today, mobile robots already play an important role in logistical processes in virtually any industry. Due to ever increasing demands for automation and autonomy, this role will be increasingly central in the future. Therefore, the Chair of Materials Handling Material Flow Logistics (fml) has set up the "Experience Center Mobile Robotics" (ECMR) offering industry, researchers and students an insight into the broad academic perspective on mobile robotics in intralogistics.



The ECMR provides a holistic view of mobile robotics in intralogistics introducing interested parties to the subject. For this purpose, individual demonstrators of different levels - "component", "system" and "process" - are combined and continuously integrated in order to create a holistic "system of systems" that can autonomously handle increasingly complex logistics tasks.


At component level, the current ECMR inventory includes, for example, an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based system for detecting objects in logistics (tugger trains, workers) and for warning in the event of a risk of collision. At system level, the ECMR has vehicles of various sizes and applications at its disposal: from freely programmable learning robots for teaching and training (Festo Robotino, Lego Mindstorms), to industry-proven transport and order-picking systems (BMW Smart Transport Robot, Magazino Toru), to a self-developed autonomous tugger train. At process level, these systems are used to depict autonomous transport processes and robot-assisted picking. The portfolio of ECMR on all three levels is continuously expanded based on current research and continuously integrated into the system of systems. In this way, ECMR offers its visitors a holistic view of the manifold possibilities of mobile robotics in intralogistics.


Charlotte Haid, M.Sc.

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