SPGM research at SRF Puls

SPGM research on injury prevention in alpine skiing on Swiss television

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SRF Puls (Switzerland) dedicates a broadcast to the topic of injuries in alpine skiing. Researchers from the Professorship for Sports Equipment and Materials (TUM) were interviewed for the article and present their work on the topics "Investigation of injury mechanisms" and "Injury prevention in skiing".

The article can be found in the broadcaster's media library:

The contribution relates to the research project "Mechatronic Ski Binding". In the project funded by the Bavarian Research Foundation, the professorship works together with the companies MARKER (ski binding manufacturer), Völkl (ski manufacturer), Interactive Wear (textile electronics), Schöffel (clothing manufacturer) and 2D Meßsysteme (measurement technology) on a mechatronic ski binding with the aim of reducing injuries in alpine skiing.

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