Dr.-Ing. Maximilian Müller, Dipl.-Ing (2011)

Title of the Dissertation:

Enhancing Sport - Sports Technology Design in the Context of Sport Motive, Motion Task and Product Feature


In addition to technological requirements, the design of sports technology requires a profound analysis of the addressed motion task and ideally serves the motivational background of the athlete. The thesis points out the particular interest of fun experience, acceleration and several degrees of freedom during sports activity and functionality as input parameters for the design. On this basis, the Sport Model is presented. It links the instances athlete, motion task and embodiment of the product and serves as a navigation instrument for the design process. For the clarification of important interrelations, a enhanced set of questions was developed and validated. Finally, one navigation path of the sport model is verified in terms of a design example from alpine skiing were motivational and motional boundary conditions are considered for the design of a new training feedback system.

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