Aljoscha Hermann Dr.-Ing.
Room: MW 3311 / Hochbrück Parkring 35 Raum 3.3.08
Tel: +49 89 289 10353 / +49 89 289 
Research filed: Biomechanics, Materials Science, Physiology 

Consultation hours:

Monday, 1:00 pm untill 2:00pm


Academic degree or title:



Tabular resume:

06.2015Research Associate, Professorship of Sport Equipment and Materials, Technical University Munich



  • Nusser, M., Hermann, A., Brucker P. U. & Senner, V. (2016). Artificial Knee Joint and Ski Load Simulator for the Evaluation of Knee Braces and Ski Bindings. Proceedia Engineeing.




Supervised student works:

  • Development and construction of a module for the detection of motion parameters during exercise
  • Automation of a Biomechanical Knee Surrogat: Implementation of the external load application
  • Camera Based Calculations of the Elongation of the Ligaments in a Physical Knee Model
  • Design, Motorization, Evaluation of the Muscular System in a Human Knee Model • Concept Development for a Binding to Determine the Loads on a Skier During Alpine Skiing
  • Effects of an Isometric Cocontraction of the Thigh Muscles on the Anterior Tibial Translation
  • Muscle activation ratios of the m. quadrizeps femoris and the hamstring muscles in recreational skiing: An explorative study
  • Investigation of Different Measurement Methods with Regards to their Qualification to Measure Knee Angle During Skiing
  • Developing an Underpant for Skiing with Integrated Sensors to Measure the Knee Angle and the Muscle Activity
  • Development of Technical Textiles for the Recording of Movement and Muscle Activity During Alpine Skiing
  • development and Validation of a Speed Tracking System


Lectures / assistant lectures:

  • Ergonomisches Praktikum, Muskelphysiologie
  • Ergonomisches Praktikum, Bewegungsanalyse
  • CAD Basics und Innovationsbewertung – practical curse affiliated to the lecture Sporttechnologische Kompetenz
  • CAD Basics und Innovation Assessment (HFE)
  • Development and Production of Individualized Human-Machine-Interfaces in the area of Sport Equipment

Doctoral projects:

Project title BeginFacultyDoctorfather/mother Mentor
Development of Algorithms for Mechatronic Ski Bindings to Reduce Knee Injuries in Alpine Skiing06.2016Faculty Mechanical Engineering Dr.-Ing. Veit Senner