A successful event: utg "Sommertreff 2022" with tribute to retired Prof. Dr-Ing. Hartmut Hoffmann

Established years ago, as a meeting place for the exchange of information between scientists from research assistants to professors, industry representatives and alumni, the popular get-together finally took place again at the utg on 21 July 2022 after a long forced break.

Compliments and exclusively positive feedback

Around 250 guests attended the event, also known as the "Hausmesse". The interest in a lively exchange of information on all current and relevant scientific topics, on development opportunities and cooperation’s of various kinds, seemed virtually endless. And there were exclusively positive responses. New networks were established, and existing ones expanded.

Once again, it became clear how important personal discussions are in a relaxed, stress-free, almost private setting. Of course, it also speaks for the utg chair how many alumni enjoy coming to such an event to meet their professors and former academic colleagues again, to share their experiences outside the chair.

A special highlight: Honouring of retired Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hartmut Hoffmann

During the "Sommertreff 2022", Prof. Hoffmann was honoured on the recent occasion of his 80th birthday. Because of the illness of the "Chair of Metal Forming and Casting" Prof. Dr. Ing. Wolfram Volk, Prof. Dr-Ing. Franz Breun gave the laudatory speech, accompanied by music. "The list of milestones in Prof. Hoffmann's successful career is long," Prof. Breun began and spoke about the professional development of his esteemed colleague. There were personal gifts from the scientific staff and industry representatives. All those present will remember the following quotes about the person of Prof. Hoffmann, which were uttered by various people that evening:

"Highly esteemed and unique", "The best gentleman in the world", "A stroke of luck for the Chair", "Committed as a person, helpful, yet calm and reserved", "We are happy to have him with us".

No celebration without diligent helpers and organisers - better than ever

Of course, such an event can only succeed with the help of committed organisers and helpers. "Better than ever" was the overall assessment. Everything was perfect, from the invitations to the decorations in the redesigned hall, where punching, casting, and bending usually take place. The food was delicious and the drinks from the tap and the cocktail bar were especially delicious. The research assistants, who had primarily arranged everything, were in a great mood to celebrate despite all the work.

Everyone is already looking forward to the next event!