Forming with high-performance concrete

Together with project partners from industry, the Chair of Forming Technology and Foundry Engineering (utg) is developing strategies for the production and application of tooling active elements made of high-performance concrete for sheet metal forming.

Matrize aus Hochleistungsbeton (Foto: Frederik Füchsle)

As part of the project funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, we are developing a near-net-shape casting process with additively manufactured casting molds. In this way, we want to reduce the need for post-processing of the concrete active elements and thus realize short delivery times. The simulative mapping of the entire process enables a view into the mold. From this, we hope to optimize the load distribution in the mold active elements by means of pre- or clamping devices in order to make optimum use of the concrete material.

During development, utg is working closely with concrete manufacturer Transportbeton Traunstein GmbH and tool manufacturer BINDER tecsys GmbH from Pforzheim. During a visit to Traunstein, the following press article was published in the local newspaper (only in german language):

Samerberger Nachrichten 11.Juni 2021