"Metal casting is like looking in the fire"

...says Julika Hoyer, the only woman at the chair in the casting area. She is also the one who, together with her foundry colleague Max Erber and former Katja Holzer, organised the Girls' Day at utg and Fraunhofer IGCV on 28.4.2022. In her article, she motivates students who are interested in studying mechanical engineering at TUM. "Don't let it get you down".

Photo: Tassilo Letzel/TUM

Julika Hoyer studied mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) in her Bachelor's and also in her Master's degree.

As a research associate, she is working on the research topic "Bonded and continuous casting of aluminum and copper". Her professional career as a scientist, metal caster and mechanical engineer, is not only interesting and exciting. It holds great promise in the future. Read more ....