Rudolf Schmidt-Burkhardt Memorial Prize goes to the utg

After a break of a few years, the winner of the prize for the best dissertation of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering comes this time again from the utg. Dr. Hannes Weiss convinced the jury with his 2019 submitted work on the influence of shear cutting on the efficiency of electric motors.

Dr. Hannes Weiss, prizewinner of the Rudolf Schmidt-Burkhardt memorial prize 2020 © A. Heddergott, TUM

"As part of the DFG-funded project, we wanted to find out whether and how the processing of electric sheets by the cutting process affects their magnetic properties," says Dr. Weiss, explaining the starting point of the research work. Whereby, in turn, the magnetic properties of the electrical steel decisively determine the efficiency and thus the energy consumption of electric motors.

In his research, Dr. Weiss was ultimately able to establish a highly exciting correlation: Small cutting gaps and sharp-edged cutting elements of stamping tools result directly in stronger magnetic fields and lower losses. The punching process thus offers a great energy-saving potential, especially with regard to future electric mobility concepts.

The results of the work are already meeting with great interest. In addition to scientific publications that have been cited several times, a corresponding press release by TUM from 2018 was also widely distributed in specialist journals. The positive feedback from industry also confirms the current high value of research in this field.

Since the traditional award ceremony on Faculty Day unfortunately has to be cancelled due to the circumstances, the presentation of the Rudolf Schmidt-Burkhardt Memorial Award will take place this year in a small ceremony in the presence of the Foundation representatives.

We are proud to have another prizewinner at utg.

Congratulations from the entire team at utg!