Taster course in production engineering - TUM female explorers at utg

On August 01 and 02, 12 schoolgirls from 7th to 9th grade were able to get to know production technology at TUM. As part of the MINT experience at the university, the "TUM discoveres" were able to visit utg on Monday afternoon.

After a short introduction, work jackets and safety shoes were handed out so that they could get a good grip in the hall. This included an in-depth tour of the chair with, among other things, the presses in action. The foundry technique was applied directly, with the students molding the model of an owl screw in oil sand. The model was cast live in aluminum and then unpacked while still hot. Overall, it was an exciting afternoon with good atmosphere. We hope that the students will have positive memories of the day for a long time to come, and perhaps we will see each other again soon at university.