Mission: From Idea to Product

Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Manufacturing: Time for implementing an idea is a significant factor for success not only in research and science. Therefore, rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing technologies are part of our main research interest. We develop and analyze new rapid technologies systematically. We apply our new rapid technologies in the area of precision engineering, micro technology and medical device technology.

Validation and Proof of Benefit: Research is only science if there is a quantitative result achieved by validation. Research will be successful only if it is carried out until there is a proof of benefit or until you know that you have tried the wrong approach. We validate our research devices systematically to achieve reliable results for science. In the area of medical technology we develop related to ISO 13485, certify our device related to MDD/FDA and perform clinical studies related to ISO 14155.

From Idea to Product: It is important to specify research topics in a way that the results may be of use and interest for a specific market, such as low cost devices, devices for clinical care, devices for home use, etc. Thinking about one possible market helps to avoid waste of time, brain, energy and public money. We develop devices in research that can be used not only for science purposes but can be also of interest for other users too. A decisive factor in the success of any innovation is ensuring that the time span between its conception and realisation is as short as possible. The most successful method for research result distribution is a marketable product. People are willing to pay if they understand the positive effect of an innovation. Research and science will change the world.

Scientific and Economic Benefit:
Having an impact on science and having an impact on the economy require performance and commitment. Transferring innovations into documented and evaluable devices is an efficient way to pay back the research costs of a state-subsidized University.