Research Facilities

Rapid Manufacturing Micro Technology Laboratories

The laboratories include: Laser (Nd-YAG, Excimer) based manufacturing, Silicon, Pyrex, Piezo, Drop-on Demand Ink Jet, Drop-on Demand Metal Jet (800 Degree Celsius), Micro Fluidic

Picture description: a) Micro measurement devices, wafer saw. b) Sputtering, Anodic bonding, Wire bonding. c) Laser Nd-Yag Gator d) Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

Medical Device Research Laboratories


The laboratories include: 3D C-arm, Navigation Systems for Trauma, ENT, Dental Implantology, Shaver, Trephine, Endoscopes, Autoclave, Tracking Technologies,OR Tables, OR Equipment

Picture description: a) X-ray shielded operating room inside MIMED, b) Medical device show room, c) IEC 60601 test stand for EMC and safety measurement, d) Autoclave environment for steam sterilization


Precision Engineering Shop Floor

Picture description: a, b) Precision engineering shop floor (2 foremen, 1 technicians, 2 apprentices), c) Spinner CNC, d) Emco CNC

Rapid Manufacturing Laboratories

Picture description: a) Vacuum Molding Device. b) 3D Printing Technology. c) Optical lens gluing. d) Surface polishing

Selektiv Lasersintering Laboratories


Picture description: a) EOS Formiga P100 selective lasersintering machine; b) Control unit and building inside the opened machine; c) Unpack / filtering and recycling station; d) Powder bed built parts in recycling station


Picture description: Kumovis RD-Line (ordered Oct. 2018)

Clinical Environment for Medical Device Evaluation

Picture description: a) University Clinic Leipzig. b) Clinic Nuremberg. c) Clinic Malmoe, Sweden. d) BGU Frankfurt