International Contacts

The Chair of Materials Handling Material Flow Logistics has maintained good relations with international partners for many years. The scientific exchange and the understanding of technical logistics as an international partnership discipline are in the foreground. For the discussion of scientific topics and the joint development of innovative concepts, the chair is always interested in expanding the relationships, e.g. in the context of student research projects.

We are happy to offer students who have already distinguished themselves through a high level of commitment in activities at the Chair the opportunity to establish contact with our international partners. Prerequisite for this is a previous, intensive engagement at the chair (student research projects, student assistant positions, tutor, ...), excellent language skills, very good academic performance and initiative or independence.        
Please understand that we can only establish contact if the above requirements are met.            

Please also note that the possibilities for cooperation in the context of student research projects depend to a large extent on the current topics and capacities of our international partners as well as the supervision possibilities at the chair.

If you have specific questions about the possibilities of contacting our international partners, please do not hesitate to contact the person named below.

List with Contacts

Country City University
Austria Graz TU Graz
Austria Vienna TU Wien
China Dalian Dalian University of Technology
China Shanghai Tongji-University
Hungary Budapest Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Hungary Debrecen University of Debrecen
Russia Moscow Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology
Singapore Singapore TUMAsia
USA Berkeley Berkeley University of California
USA Cambridge/Boston Massachusetts Institute of Technology
USA Stanford Stanford University