Institute of Machine Elements

Welcome to the homepage of the Institute of Machine Elements of the Technical University Munich.

The Institute of Machine Elements, also called "Gear Research Center (FZG)", has comprehensive facilities for examination and testing of machine elements, such as gears, bearings, synchronizations and couplings. Based on the research results developed here during the past decades, the FZG is the leading international research institute for gears and transmissions today. The development of methods and tools of reliable determination of fatigue life, efficiency, and vibration characteristics of gears and transmission elements is in the focus of the research activities at the FZG. The implementation of the research is carried out in close cooperation with the industry, funded either through public research funding or industrial community research or direct industrial commission.

The lectures and exercises in machine elements represent the basic training of mechanical engineering. In the lecture, the students learn to properly select machines and machine elements, to design them and to calculate their properties. This knowledge is then practically applied on design and calculation examples within the lecture-related exercises. A very important aspect in this is that the students learn to communicate in the "engineer’s language" - with sketches and drawings. Practical relevance and topicality is also an important criterion for lectures with special subjects. Last but not least, this is ensured by lectures of executives from the industry.