Research at the FZG

At FZG research and teaching are closely related to the industry.

Research on the load-carrying capacity of gear drives is one of the main research areas of the institute. Further important aspects of research in automotive applications have evolved, such as synchromesh systems, multidisc clutches and rolling element bearings. The consideration of fatigue life, efficiency, friction and vibration behaviour of gears and transmission elements is in the foreground of research activity at FZG. The graphic below gives an overview of central research topics at FZG in the field of research, education and services. There are close contacts to industry in education as well as in research, in order to be able to offer modern education as close as possible to practical demands, and to orientate the research to current challenges of practical applications. Conversely new scientific knowledge and methods are provided to industry. One result of this close cooperation with companies from the oil, the automotive and gear industries is the development of a gear scuffing test for evaluation of transmission oils (FZG-test) according to DIN ISO 14635, which is also acknowledged today in Europe (CEC) and in the USA (ASTM)