Department Assembly Technologies & Robotics

The Assembly Technology and Robotics Department addresses the final stage of value creation in production - assembly. Here, the costs and quality of products are significantly influenced. Efficient assembly processes, innovative plant technology and assembly systems as well as the targeted use of industrial robots are the key to economical production. The researchers in the Assembly Technology and Robotics Department are therefore working on new solutions to concrete problems to these topics. The current trends in production are also decisive.

Head of Department: Benedikt Schmucker

The research competences

  • Cyberphysical assembly lines
    The focus is on the digital modelling of products, processes and resources in assembly plants. The aim is to automate the design, selection and configuration of assembly systems based on the requirements of the product or user.
    Research Field Leader: Lisa Heuß
  • Industrial robotics
    The focus is on enabling robots for new areas of application by simplifying programming, increasing accuracy and integrating imaging sensors.
    Research Field Leader: Alejandro Magana

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Equipment in the department Assembly Technologies & Robotics

We have unique and excellent equipment, which we use for the most diverse problems - always with excellent results for our customers.

Various demonstrators in the field of assembly technology

  •     Robots of various manufacturers and weight classes
  •     Modular MRK test cell
  • Peripheral devices (grippers, measuring devices, sensors, controllers)
  • External measuring devices for measurement and calibration of robots
  • Simulation of robot systems (task and path planning)

Various demonstrators in the area of digitization

  •     Tools for virtual planning and simulation (physical effects, material flow, 3D kinematics)
  •     Software frameworks for networked production (OPC-UA, IoT applications)