TUM.Battery - Interdisciplinary Network for Research on Battery Systems

The Technical University of Munich has been contributing to the further development of various battery systems for a long time. Thanks to a multitude of competencies and the networking of relevant actors, it can carry out future-oriented and application-oriented research that meets the interdisciplinary challenges. Through the work of twelve professors and more than 100 employees in the field of battery research, TUM.Battery serves the interdisciplinary networking of projects and partners.

From basic research on materials, cell development and process technologies to the integration into manufacturing technologies, the entire value chain of battery systems is researched by the members of TUM.Battery. With cell production, the iwb plays a decisive role in the transfer of research results to industry.


Our Research Focus

  • Materials research
  • (Cell) Modeling
  • Cell production
  • (Cell) Diagnostics
  • Systems engineering and battery management
  • Integration and Application

Our Members

More than 100 employees work in the field of battery research at the Technical University of Munich. At five faculties, eight chairs, two institutes and various departments and groups, twelve professors conduct research with their scientific staff and doctoral students.

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We thank the organisation team of TUM.Battery as well as all partners for their cooperation in battery research.

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