Trainee programme of the iwb

As a trainee, you will not only be particularly well integrated into the iwb community, but will also be actively prepared for a later career as a research associate at the institute. You will be assigned to a topic group and, through active involvement, will become familiar with the working environment of a research associate.

During your entire time as an iwb trainee, a personal mentor will be available to you as a contact person. Upon successful completion of the program, you will benefit from a direct transfer to the iwb. Due to the targeted preparation through the trainee program, the subsequent doctoral period can be shortened.

The trainee program is aimed at students of all disciplines at the end of their bachelor's and beginning of their master's studies, i.e. between the 6th and 8th semester. The duration of the program is 3 semesters. This means you must be at least 3 and at most 4 semesters away from graduation.

Trainees of the last years

Trainees of the year 2021

Trainees of the year 2020

Trainees of the year 2019

  • Andreas Fischer
  • Andreas Mayr
  • Hannes Panzer
  • Daniel Schneider
  • Sarah Wagner

Trainees of the year 2018

  • Daniel Gebauer
  • Sebastian Junker
  • Lukas Mayr
  • Maria Maier
  • Sophia Prottung