LinkedIn: future of mobility in Japan

With great excitement Klaus Bengler, Burak Karakaya, and Birte Emmermann took the long journey to Japan to discuss the future of mobility.

With great excitement Klaus BenglerBurak Karakaya, and Birte Emmermann took the long journey to Japan to discuss the future of mobility. For the last three years, we have conducted research at the Chair of Ergonomics at TUM addressing current questions on how to best integrate and design autonomous vehicles (AVs) for its passengers as well as for surrounding road users (pedestrians, bicyclists, other vehicles) in urban traffic and on highways. Unfortunately, due to COVID, the collaboration in the project CADJapanGermany: HF between Japanese and German researchers had mostly taken place virtually (though, quite successfully). Thus, we used our time abroad well and attended multiple in-person events: In his role as German project lead, Prof. Dr. Bengler presented the project at the SIP-adus workshop 2022 in Kyoto to important Japanese, German, and other international stakeholders. Over the course of two additional workshops in Kyoto and Tokyo, we had many fruitful and inspiring exchanges about all study results, new challenges, opportunities, and possible solution for a safe and successful introduction of automated vehicles to our daily lives.
Many thanks to our Japanese and German project partners for the great collaboration and special thanks to Dr. Satoshi Kitazaki and his team for hosting the final project event. We are hoping to continue the work in the future!
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