Arburg Modular Verfahrensoptimierung

Project title

Process optimization of a droplet-based Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology


Warpage-minimized manufacturing with semi-crystalline thermoplastic material
Controlling the mechanical properties of additive manufactured parts


Additive Manufacturing of thermoplastic functional prototypes and final parts

Research topic

Development of building strategies for dimensional accurate manufacturing and optimized mechanical properties

State of the art

Manufacturing of amorphous thermoplastic parts in Droplet-Based AM
Extrusion-based AM, e.g. Fused Layer Modeling

Drawbacks of the State of the Art

Uncontrollable warpage behaviour during manufacturing with semi-crystalline thermoplastics
Anisotropic mechanical properties


Development of optimized building strategies using MATLAB
Deriving a dynamic shrinkage model of the manufacturing process

Current Results

Generation of machine G-Code using MATLAB
Implementation of six novel building strategies
Warpage reduction > 50 %