Introduction to Medical and Polymer Technology


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Winter semester



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In the module "Introduction to Medical and Polymer Technology" the basics of therapeutic and diagnostic medical technology as well as the material class of plastics are presented. The aim is to give students a basic insight into the economically important sector of medical and plastics technology.

The following topics, among others, will be addressed (subject to change):

  • Biological and medical basics for medical technology engineers
  • Selected examples of diagnostic and therapeutic medical technology solutions
  • Insights into the regulatory and economic framework of medical and plastic technology
  • Basics of the most important plastics processing methods (extrusion, injection molding, compounding)
  • Principles of plastic-compatible construction, part design and toolmaking
  • Test methods for plastics
  • Deepening of the knowledge using examples from current research at the Chair of Medical Materials and Implants


Learning outcomes

After successful participation in the module "Introduction to Medical and Plastics Technology", students will have the following skills:

  • Understanding the interaction of the body with medical technology products such as implants
  • Basic knowledge of plastics production and processing
  • Understanding of the regulatory and economic challenges in medical and plastics technology
  • Understanding of technical detail solutions in the development of medical and plastic technical products
  • Overview of the diversity of engineering topics in medical and plastics technology, including current research topics