MMI Team

Head of Chair

Foto von Petra Mela

Prof. Dr. Petra Mela

    Assistant to the Professor

    Foto von Sarah Jean Reiner

    Sarah Jean Reiner

    Research Scientists

    Foto von Markus Ahrens

    Markus Ahrens, M.Sc.

    Foto von Dario Arcuti

    Dario Arcuti, M.Sc.

    Foto von Dominik Gau

    Dominik Gau, M.Sc.

    Maximilian Grab, M.Sc.

    Tel.: +49 (89) 4400 - 74791

    Foto von Annika Hangleiter

    Annika Hangleiter, M.Sc.

    Foto von Fabian Jodeit

    Fabian Jodeit, M.Sc.

    Foto von Salma Mansi

    Salma Mansi, M.Sc.

    Foto von Kilian Müller

    Kilian Müller, M.Sc.

    Foto von Jan Raffel

    Jan Raffel, M.Sc.

    Foto von Ilse Schunn

    Ilse Schunn

    Jana Steger, M.Sc.

    Tel.: +49 (89) 4140 - 6374

    Foto von Zhaoyang Zhong

    Zhaoyang Zhong, M.Sc.

    Guest Researcher

    Pietro Terranova

    Ph.D. Student in Mechanical, Manufacturing, Management and Aerospace Innovation, Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering – D’Amore LAB (Department of Engineering, University of Palermo. Ri.MED Foundation.)

    External Lecturers

    Introduction into Patent, Trademark and Design Law for Engineers

    Foto von Christian Wende

    Christian Wende, Dr.-Ing.

    Precision Engineering Workshop


    Foto von Uli Ebner

    Uli Ebner


    Foto von Florian Huber

    Florian Huber

    Foto von Eric Hoffmann

    Eric Hoffmann


    Veronika Schmid


    Julian Hartmann


    Leonie Werner


    Tim Gistl