Trends in Medical Engineering 1

Type                        Supplementary Subjects
Credits 3 ECTS
Term Winter semester
Language English

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The module "Trends in Medical Engineering 1" deals with current aspects of medical technology. The topics are selected within current trends. Examples can be: minimally invasive heart valve replacement, additive manufacturing in medical technology, cell-based therapies, dialysis technology, multimodal imaging, tissue engineering and biohybrid systems.

In addition to a lecturer's presentation, the topics will be treated and discussed on the basis of current scientific literature. In this interactive course, students learn how to deal with scientific literature by identifying the most important contents of scientific publications and presenting them to the group.  This is intended to introduce the students to the newest research results and discuss them with the lecturers.

The module is complementary to the module "Trends in Medical Engineering 2". The two modules are independent of each other.

Learning outcomes

After successful participation in the module “Trends in Medical Engineering 1” students have the following skills:

  • Basic knowledge and interdisciplinary understanding of the diverse medical technology topics presented
  • Understanding and evaluation of scientific publications from different areas of medical technology
  • Extraction of essential information from a publication
  • Preparation of a scientific presentation on the state of the art on the topic, considering the contents of the papers
  • Interdisciplinary evaluation of innovations
  • Critical assessment of the scientific value of the publications