Medical Technology 2 - An Organ System Based Approach

Type                        Lecture
Module Master
Credits 5 ECTS
Term Summer semester
Language English

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Description (Lecture)

In the module "Medical technology 2 - an organ system-based approach", the fundamentals of therapeutic and diagnostic medical technology are taught in a structured manner for specific organ systems. This is accomplished with a systematic approach that first presents the anatomical and physiological basics of the organ system, and subsequently addresses the relative pathology with a selection of the most relevant common diseases. Finally, the medical technology solutions for the diagnosis and therapy are presented. By offering units on basic knowledge (e.g. cell biology, imaging techniques, anatomical terminology), all students are brought up to the same level of preparation, independent on their previous education. The module "Medical technology 2 - an organ system-based approach" focuses on the following organ systems (subject to change): respiratory system, nervous system, urogenital system, digestive system, sensory system (e.g. ear). Guest lectures from medical technology companies in the Munich area as well as clinicians active in Munich clinics complement the lecture with expert insights in different applications related to the treated organ systems. The module is complementary to "Medical Technology 1 - an organ system-based approach", which deals with other organ systems.

Description (Exercise)

During the semester, we offer visits to Munich clinics in the disciplines cardiac, visceral and plastic surgery. The students will be able to follow surgical, minimally invasive or robot-assisted interventions in the operating rooms (ORs), where they will be guided by the expert team. The OR team will also provide the rules of conduct in the OR as well as explanation of the of the pathology and the therapy, so that the students will benefit from the experience in the most comprehensive way, complementing the theoretical knowledge gained in the lecture. Each lecture comprises a Q&A session and integrates exercises for knowledge transfer where the lecturer will intentionally go beyond the content of the lecture in order to stimulate the active participation of the students in a larger context as well as the historical developments of medical technology.

Learning outcomes

After successful participation in the module "Medical Technology 2 - an organ system based approach", students have the following skills:

  • Basic knowledge of the anatomy, physiology and pathology of organ systems
  • Understanding of the functional principles of the corresponding medical diagnostic and therapeutic solutions
  • Knowledge of the use of medical technology solutions
  • Ability to apply the knowledge for own medical technology developments, for example in the form of bachelor, semester or master theses
  • Evaluation of regulatory and legal requirements for the manufacture, certification and marketing of medical devices