Committee Works and Memberships

The Institute of Automation and Information Systems participates in various bodies and technical committees. You will find a selection of these works on the following pages.

VDI/VDE-GMA Technical Committee 3.35 "Agent Systems": (Chair) Fundamentals of networked and learning systems

NAMUR WG 1.3 Information Management and Tools: Formulation and definition of requirements for the Digital Twin

NAMUR WG 2.1 Programmable Logical Controlers and Process Control Systems: To increase operational excellence in operation

NAMUR WK 3.7 Smart sensors, actuators and communication: Formulation and definition of requirements for smart field devices

Gaia-X: Contribution to create an open, transparent and secure digital ecosystem 

PLCopen: Working groups for faster application development, shorter commissioning times and reduced life cycle costs as a leading manufacturer and product-independent association for topics related to industrial control programming

IFAC Technical Committee (TC) 3.1 Computers for Control:Technical Committee for embedded and cyber-physical systems