To improve engineering, operation and  maintenance and re-engineering of hybrid systems including all three disciplines (mechanical, electrical and software engineering) to increase product and production quality and time to market is the goal of ais, e.g. SFB 768 information systems and information technology aspects.
To increase product quality and reduce time to market both research areas model-based development approaches and quality management contribute directly. Indirectly also improved and integrated engineering tools and more adequate support during operation, which is grouped under human factors (usability), leads to the above mentioned goals. Due to the rising complexity in engineering and operation distribution is one measure to cope with complexity and therefore one key research topic of ais.

Research Fields

Human-Machine Interaction - Human-Machine Interaction, Data Integration and Processing to Support the Human

Model-based Engineering - Model-based Engineering of Variant-rich, Interdisciplinary Manufacturing Systems

MIRMI - Munich Institute of Robotics and Machine Intelligence - WORK

Intelligent Production Systems - Intelligent, Reconfigurable, Distributed Cyber-Physical Production Systems

Big Data in Automated Production Systems - Methods for Aggregating, Analysing and Preparing Big Data

Control Software Engineering - Analysis, refactoring, and reengineering of industrial legacy software