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Since most of all our lectures of our chair are held in German, you will find more detailed information on our German page.

The lecture covers the basics and specifics of construction logistics. It offers a comprehensive insight into the optimization of production and manufacturing processes of construction projects through methods and tools of BIM and Lean Construction Management.

Fundamentals: The lecture starts from the temporal development of construction logistics and continues with the construction process management, work preparation, and construction logistics. Students learn about the current state of the art regarding Lean construction logistics and the future of digital construction logistics. They see the different construction logistics concepts of supply and disposal. With the help of a complexity evaluation matrix, they can confidently apply their areas of application and effectiveness for construction logistics practice.

Consolidation: The basis for dimensioning and planning construction logistics resources is the precise project-specific calculation of personnel, material, and waste flows as well as the necessary logistics areas with the help of logistics ratios. Students will learn about calculation tools and the application of logistics ratios for this purpose.

The lecture is hybrid. We will provide both a live stream and a recording. In addition, special appointments will be held online to teach the basics of the simulation tool Plant Simulation so that students can use the software on their computers. The use of Plant Simulation requires the download and installation of the free student version in advance.

Further information about this course is available on TUMonline and in Moodle.

Dates and holding of the lecture

The dates will be announced early in TUMonline and Moodle.

The lecturer is Dr. Klaus Lipsmeier, Technical Manager and Spokesman for the Construction Logistics Division at Ed. Züblin AG.


Anne Fscher, M.Sc.

Zhen Cai, M. Sc.

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Exam date: TBD

Type of exams:

  • Accompanying the lecture period: Working on a simulation project in a team, short presentation.

Approved aids: None, except of a non-programmable calculator.

University internships

Since most of our university internships are held in German, you will find more detailed information on our German page.