Autonomous bulk transport

On construction sites, the transportation of bulk materials is a process that is predominantly carried out manually. The constantly growing shortage of skilled workers is therefore currently one of the key challenges facing the construction industry. The aim is to counteract the shortage of skilled workers by autonomizing individual construction processes. 
In this project, an electric track dumper (Wacker Neuson DT10e) is to be enabled to transport bulk materials autonomously.

The central goal of this project is the gradual digitalization and autonomization of an electric track dumper. To this end, various functional modules are to be developed with which autonomous bulk material transportation on construction sites can be achieved. In addition to the possibility of digital control and sensor-based environmental perception of the dumper, the project work will focus in particular on semi-autonomous bulk material transport. By implementing a "Find-Me" and "Follow-Me" function, the aim is to enable semi-automated operation of the dumper. In addition, the possible uses of an autonomous dumper for practical applications are to be investigated. These can then be used as the basis for fully automated bulk goods transportation.

To implement the various autonomous functions of the dumper, the first step is to develop a sensor concept and implement it on the dumper. In addition, options are to be created to enable digital control and network access for the dumper. The methods developed will then be used to implement remote control of the dumper. Subsequently, semi-autonomous functions of the dumper will be implemented. At the same time, practical outdoor use cases will be defined for which the dumper is suitable.

Paul und Katrin Basiner Stiftung

Contact Person

Korbinian Zöls, M.Sc.