Tribology Technologies for Sustainable Drivetrains


Dr.-Ing. T. Lohner


F. Schmid, M.Sc.




Tribology is an interdisciplinary science. In drivetrains, it concerns friction, lubrication and wear of interacting surfaces in relative motion in machine elements like gears and bearings. Approx. 23 % of the world’s energy consumption results from tribological contacts. Out of this, up to approx. 40 % can be saved by implementing new technologies complying with the principles of green tribology. The number of publications on tribology increases from year to year. Many different research fields like classical tribology, green tribology, biotribology or nanotribology are related to various trends like vehicle electrification, multiscale modelling, machine learning and superlubricity (ultra-low friction). This interactive seminar addresses the ability to distinguish relevant from non-relevant information of scientific publications and to grasp and summarize the essentials quickly. The ability is trained by studying recent tribology technologies and its impact on the sustainability of drivetrains. The seminar also prepares for writing student theses and scientific publications. The following contents will be covered in the module: • Basics of tribology and drivetrains • Sustainable development aspects • Selected tribology technologies • Circle of research and publication structure • Searching and reading scientific publications • Writing and reviewing scientific publications