Drive Systems in Robots


In the course of the collaboration with the Munich Institute of Robotics and Machine Intelligence (MIRMI), an exhibition on robotics was set up at the FZG. The main focus of the exhibition is the drive technology of robots. The exhibition is located in the hallway in front of office MW2511.

Next to the glass box is also a display stand, which contains brochures and manuals on robotics and MIRMI.

The glass case consists of three drawers on which the exhibits are presented with the help of informative signs. Next to the exhibits are screens that show videos with additional information about robotics and their drive systems.

Upper drawer

The upper drawer contains various gear systems that are used in robots. Both plastic and metal gearbox models are on display.

Currently, the upper drawer includes the following exhibits:

  • Strain wave gearing HD 32-80 (manufacturer: Harmonic Drive, taken from SCARA Bosch turboscara SR6)
  • Planetary gear HPG-14 A (manufacturer: Harmonic Drive)
  • Strain wave gearing CPL-20-2A-50 (manufacturer: Harmonic Drive)
  • Cycloidal gearing plastic model (manufacturer: Sumitomo)
  • Cycloidal gearing plastic model (manufacturer: Nabtesco)
  • Cycloidal gearing RV-35N-61 (manufacturer: Nabtesco)

Middle drawer

In the middle drawer there is another gearbox for robot application, elements from the drive system of robots and a model of an articulated arm robot.

Currently, the middle drawer includes the following exhibits:

  • Cycloidal gearing RDR-006E-103 (manufacturer: Nabtesco)
  • Crossed roller bearing IKO CRBH 142 24 V (manufacturer: Nippon Thompson)
  • Synchronous servo motor BLS-073 (manufacturer: Mavilor Motors, taken from SCARA Bosch turboscara SR6)
  • Cobot model (manufacturer: Universal Robots)
  • Cobot joint (manufacturer: Universal Robots)

Lower drawer

In the lower drawer is a disassembled SCARA (Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm). In the right part of the manipulator (= moving part of the robot), one can clearly see the included gear systems (strain wave gearing, toothed belt gear).

Currently, the lower drawer includes the following exhibits:

  • SCARA Bosch turboscara SR6 (manufacturer: Robert Bosch GmbH).
  • Left: Stand of the SCARA Bosch turboscara SR6
  • Middle/Right: Manipulator of the SCARA Bosch turboscara SR6

For further questions about the Robotics exhibition, please contact Stefan Landler.