The seminar series at the Chair of Ergonomics

The LfE seminar series, which has been held regularly for several years, is a forum for visitors interested in ergonomic findings. The seminar offers our PhD students the opportunity to present and discussion their work in this forum. But also colleagues from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering as well as representatives from the industry talk about the great importance of ergonomics in interdisciplinary cooperation and in practice. I would be pleased, if our program finds your interest and I can welcome you personally at one of the dates.
Prof. Dr. phil. Klaus Bengler

Contact: Pia Wald
Venue: online via zoom
Please understand that short-term changes in the program may occur. Please inform yourself about possible changes on the day of the respective lecture either by phone or on our website. We also offer you the dates as a flyer for downloading.

The new program for the winter term 2022/2023 will be published in mid-October.


The talk on 08.07.2022 at 13.00 by Annika Boos on the topic "What influences human compliance with a robot's requests?" is cancelled.

The talk of Alexandra Löw on the topic "Risk modeling & management after driver fatigue detection in conditional automated driving" will therefore be brought forward to 13.00.


The talk on 15.07.2022 at 13.45 by Lisa Rücker on the topic "Experimental study on standing and walking at work - What is compatible with physiological intrinsic laws and human needs?" is cancelled.

The talk of Theresa Prinz on the topic "Teleoperation in Manufacturing" will therefore be brought forward to 13.45.