The Chair of Ergonomics uses various methods for eye tracking. A short overview can be found below.



three-dimensional space. In addition, SmartEye offers the possibility to measure numerous parameters such as eyelid opening or pupil dilation.

The Chair of Ergonomics has a system in the SmartEyePro 8.4. version with three infrared cameras that enable data acquisition at 60 Hz. Via an interface to the driving simulation software SILAB of the WIVW  used at the chair, applications such as the acquisition of driver fatigue in real time are possible.

Further information on the SmartEye eye-tracking system can be found on the manufacturer's Homepage.


Dikablis is a head-mounted eye-tracking method produced by the company Ergoneers GmbH . Several versions are available at the Chair of Ergonomics (latest version: Dikablis Glasses 3), which can be borrowed for testing purposes. Information regarding the technical specifications can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

By means of eye tracking, different investigations in the field of usability can be conducted.

Research Questions

  • Distracting effect of secondary tasks, displays
  • Perception of information on display devices, internet pages
  • Attention binding of warnings
  • Gaze behavior, gaze strategies
  • Influences on driver state
  • Driver state detection


DIN EN ISO 15007-1: Straßenfahrzeuge – Messung des Blickverhaltens von Fahrern bei Fahrzeugen mit Fahrerinformations- und -assistenzsystemen – Teil 1: Begriffe und Parameter (ISO 15007:2002) (2003). Beuth Verlag.



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