Arburg Automated Design

Project title

Industry project: „Kinematic design additive manufacturing"


Development of algorithms for process-specific design for droplet based additive manufacturing


Dr. Irlinger


Automated generation of surface models (STL) and slicing preparation to solve kinematic problems with droplet based additive manufacturing.

Research topic

Automated design for additive Manufacturing / Multi material design / Kinematic Synthesis / Mechanisms 

State of the art

Design on the base of expert knowledge in CAD Environments. Conversion of CSG models to Brep models and manual choice of the part orientation and slicing parameters.

Drawbacks of the State of the Art

Time consuming workflow and limitation in the use of the capabilities of the fabrication technique.


MATLAB Library for direct generation of surface models for droplet based fabrication with multi material use.

Current Results

First toolbox version with functions for automated design of gripper jaws for parallel grippers with hard soft combination