BayVFP-Project – LCL-Robots

Project Title

Demand-Oriented Design and Production of Individual, Task-Specific Low-Cost Lightweight Robots


  • Development of a resilient process for automated design and instant manufacturing of task-specific individual robots.
  • Definition of basic kinematic structures that can be adapted according to a given motion task and application.
  • Identification of methods to integrate different drive concepts (electric and hydraulic)


The robots should be usable in many areas of living, e.g. nursing, household, handicraft, medicine.

Research Topic

Intelligent algorithms and methods to reduce development time in the design process of customized collaborative robots

State of the Art

Collaborative robot systems represent a rapidly growing sector with great potential. They are mostly used in industrial production to counteract the shortage of skilled workers and to reduce the physical workload.

Drawbacks of the State of the Art

Collaborative robot systems are rarely used outside of industrial production, although they would be very helpful in many other areas (household, handicraft, nursing, medicine). The reason for this is an overall high effort to implement such systems for single, often individual applications.


MATLAB library for generating task-specific and build-space adapted robots - including geometries, electronics and software.

Current Results

Development and embedding of various end effectors and robot geometries in the SG-Library, a MATLAB toolbox for algorithm-based design, developed at the Institute of Micro Technology and Medical Device Technology