Project title

DFG LU 604/31-2 "PLAFOKON - Universelles, skalierbares Plattformkonzept für mikroinvasive viszeralmedizinische Eingriffe"


Automated design process for manipulator systems for minimally invasive surgery


M.Sc. Yannick Krieger (wiss. Mitarbeiter)

Lucas Artmann (wiss. Mitarbeiter)


Assistive manipulators for minimally invasive surgery
Patient-individual medical robots

Research topic

Automated design and generative manufacturing of medical devices

State of the art

Conventional minimally invasive surgery
Selective Laser Sintering

Drawbacks of the State of the Art

Difficult surgical procedures caused by restricted dexterity of the instrument motions


Automated design of individualized disposable manipulators for minimally invasive surgery manufactured using selective laser sintering
MATLAB software for the automated design process of individualized manipulator structures

Current Results

Significant benefits compared to the conventional surgical technique proven in a randomized study in a porcine model
MATLAB software for the design of monolithic manipulators structures as disposable manipulators for minimally invasive surgery 
Design concept for monolithic soft robotic structures with predefined end poses ("Shape-Memory" Structures)
Evaluation of Single-Port Overtube manipulators (SPOT) in various endoscopic ex-vivo szenarios