Cross-process Modelling in Production Engineering

At the Senate meeting in March 2024, the DFG approved the establishment of Priority Program 2476 "Cross-Process Modelling in Production Engineering". 

Research Question

The industrial production of components is achieved by linking several manufacturing processes that depend on each other. The sequential combination of processes results in interactions between the manufacturing processes. Effects from upstream stages can propagate through the process chain, thereby amplifying, reducing or canceling them out. For example, the residual stresses induced in casting and forming process stages can influence the result of post-machining. In addition, real production process chains are characterized by deviations in component properties within specific fluctuation ranges. Within the scope of achievable model accuracies, the process chains can therefore not be regarded as a completely deterministic system.

Objectives of SPP2476

In a nutshell, the core idea of the priority program is the reformulation of process chain design as an inverse problem taking into account stochastic uncertainties.

Submission of applications

You can find the call for proposals on the DFG website via the link below.

Call for proposals SPP2476 (only in german language available)

The figure shown here is intended to provide a better understanding of the call text.

Dates and Deadlines

29 May 2024 - call for proposals published on the DFG website.

15 September 2024 - final deadline for submitting proposals via the DFG's elan portal

11 -13 November 2024 - expected date for assessment colloquium in Garching

01 Januar 2025 - earliest possible project start



Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfram Volk

Academic Contact:

Michael Ott, M.Sc. or  Georg Fuchs, M.Sc.


Stefanie Prauser
phone.: +49-(0)89-289-13791