Integrated logistics concepts for sustainable and flexible urban logistics networks

End customers as recipients of parcel deliveries expect more and more individual and flexible delivery options, both in terms of time (quality of the time, e.g. same day delivery) and location (home delivery, office delivery, trunk delivery, pick-up boxes). From a sustainability point of view, such delivery options should be possible without additional traffic and low in emissions (quality of the air) as well as low resource consumption, e.g. for micro depots and parking areas (quality of the space).


The aim of the research project is the conception of flexible distribution structures on the last mile and the complementary technology development, in particular with regard to micro depots and modular transport containers, as well as testing the developed concepts in a real laboratory and field tests. The multi-criteria evaluation and assessment is carried out from the point of view of all stakeholders involved in urban logistics. As a result of the project, various planning tools for the design, operation and evaluation are provided and the application is documented using the real laboratory for transfer to other metropolitan regions. The methods and tools developed form the basis for the further development of urban logistics towards the Internet of Things and cyber-physical logistics systems.

The development, testing and evaluation of sustainable and flexible logistics concepts takes place in four partially parallel work packages (WP). In WP 1, the business basics of the project are developed and various organizational and business models for the logistics of the last mile are systematized for problem structuring. In WP 2, a decision support system for the integrated planning of micro depot locations and delivery routes for heterogeneous delivery fleets will be developed. In WP 3, a methodology for the dimensioning of micro depots and the selection of suitable technologies for implementation will be developed. In WP 4, after the development of a database for evaluation and simulation calculations and the establishment of a micro depot for demonstration purposes, the real laboratory will be operated and evaluated in cooperation with a service provider.


Current topics

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The project is carried out in cooperation with the following partners from science and industry:

  • TUM Logistik und Supply Chain Management (LSM)
  • TUM Professur für Operations und Supply Chain Management (OSM)
  • TUM Modellierung räumlicher Mobilität (MRM)
  • SAP SE
  • GEBHARDT Logistic Solutions GmbH

This research project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.


Contact person

Max Wünnenberg, M.Sc.