Kilian Müller

Picture of Kilian Müller

Kilian Müller, M.Sc.

Technical University of Munich

Chair of Medical Materials and Implants (Prof. Mela)

Postal address

Boltzmannstr. 15
85748 Garching b. München

Curriculum Vitae

Kilian Mueller received his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Technical University of Munich (TUM). During a stay abroad in Shanghai he worked for an international medical device manufacturer. In his bachelor’s thesis he was involved in the development of self-disinfecting plastic surfaces for hygienic applications.

In the course of his master studies in mechanical engineering at TUM Kilian Mueller specialized in medical and plastics technology. In his term thesis and as graduate assistant he was part of the development of a Fused Layer Manufacturing (FLM) 3D printer for highly flexible thermoplastic elastomers. He further did research on the transferability of materials for injection molding into extrusion-based additive manufacturing processes. In cooperation with the TUM spin-off Kumovis Kilian Mueller developed and analysed a local cooling system in a FLM 3D printer to enhance the processing of high performance polymers.

Kilian Mueller started is work at the chair of Medical Materials and Implants in December 2019. His current field of research comprises polymer additive manufacturing with focus on biocompatibility and multi material processes.

R&D Topics

  • Melt Electrowriting
  • Polymer Additive Manufacturing
  • Medical Plastics Engineering


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