Zhaoyang Zhong

Picture of Zhaoyang Zhong

Zhaoyang Zhong, M.Sc.

Technical University of Munich

Chair of Medical Materials and Implants (Prof. Mela)

Curriculum Vitae

Zhaoyang Zhong received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in mechanical engineering with specialization in medical engineering from RWTH Aachen University.  From 2012, he has been working in cardiovascular technology at the Institute of Applied Medical Engineering of RWTH Aachen University. For his bachelor’s thesis, he worked on the development of percutaneous calibration method for the transcatheter pulmonary valve implantation procedure. During his work at the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology, he developed for his master’s thesis a multifunctional hand piece tip for used in minimally invasive laser-based lumbar laminectomy, on the basis of additive manufacturing.

In 2019, Zhong was appointed to the Technical University of Munich, joining the Chair of Medical Materials and Implants. There he continues his research in cardiovascular technology focusing on the development and characterization of tissue-engineered heart valves based on additive manufacturing techniques.

R&D Topics

  • Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering
  • Computational Modelling
  • Additive Manufacturing



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