Maximilian Erber, M.Sc.

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

Telefon:   +49 89 289 - 14541
Raum:     0416

Forschungs- und Arbeitsschwerpunkte



  • Erber, Maximilian; Rosnitschek, Tobias; Hartmann, Christoph; Alber-Laukant, Bettina; Tremmel, Stephan; Volk, Wolfram: Geometry-based Assurance of Directional Solidification for Complex Topology-optimized Castings using the Medial Axis Transform. Computer-Aided Design 152, 2022, 103394 mehr…


  • Rosnitschek, Tobias; Erber, Maximilian; Hartmann, Christoph; Volk, Wolfram; Rieg, Frank; Tremmel, Stephan: Combining Structural Optimization and Process Assurance in Implicit Modelling for Casting Parts. Materials 14 (13), 2021, 3715 mehr…


  • Landesberger, M.; Koos, R.; Erber, M.; Pernumian, M.; Masaggia, S.; Hoelzel, M.; Volk, W.: Phase transition and microstructure investigation of perferritic isothermed ductile iron (IDI). International Journal of Cast Metals Research, 2020 mehr…