Advanced applied digitization and information processing in mechanical engineering (prev. Principles of Modern Information Technology II)

Lecturer: Prof. Vogel-Heuser
SS   SWS: 2+1   ECTS: 5 SS
Examination: written (120 min) + 3 tests (each 20 min) in combination with 1 test in machine prorgamming (240 min), German

Information technology is driving innovation in almost all engineering disciplines and products. So far, it shapes the professional image of the modern engineer. The provision of basic principles of information technology is therefore indispensable for a proper and solid engineering education.

Within the event, principles of modern information technology 2, the basics of the high-level language "C" will be provided to the students. Due to the central exercises and detailed homework not only the solving of basic problems of information technology but also the basic concept of structured programming in C will be taught.

The lecture is structured in the following subjects:

  1. Data types and expressions
  2. Input and output
  3. Comparison operators and logical operators
  4. Control structures
  5. Pointer
  6. Functions
  7. Dynamic Data Structures

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