Fundamentals of digitization and information processing in mechanical engineering (prev. Principles of Modern Information Technology I)

Lecturer: Prof. Vogel-Heuser

WS   SWS: 2+1   ECTS: 3 WS

Sub-Examination: written (3 e-tests each 20 min, German)

Final Examination: written (see Information Technology II)


After participating in the module principles of modern information technology IT1 the participants understand computer architecture and basic computer functions. They are  capable to convert numbers in different number systems, to design and carry out simple control electronic circuits and to optimize them. With the concomitantly work sheets participants can analyze problems and create an implementation for small problems in the C programming language.

The lecture IT1 is structured in the following ten chapters:

  1. Information Technology
  2. Digital Technology
  3. Automata to Model Behaviour
  4. Computer Architecture and Communication
  5. Realtime Programming
  6. Operation Systems
  7. Programming Languages for Real-Time Systems
  8. Software Engineering

More specialised information about the lecture content is only available in German.


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