Internship: Development of Intelligent Distributed Embedded Systems in Mechatronics (EiveSiM)

SS/WS SWS: 4 ECTS: 4 WS Exam: written (German)


The goal of the internship "Development of Intelligent Distributed Embedded Systems in Mechatronics" (EiveSiM) is the integration of practical application with the research-related technical knowledge for the development and implementation of intelligent, distributed, technical systems taught in the lecture of the same name. At the end of the internship, you should be able to plan, develop and implement intelligent technical systems using artificial intelligence methods. The internship is carried out on the modular process models of the chair, during the lecture-free period after the winter semester.

The content of the internship is the holistic development of the intelligent control software of the modular process units. Thereby, the modeling of the overall system, the modeling of the knowledge base as well as the code generation are worked on in student groups. For this purpose, various description tools are used to develop or implement system descriptions. In addition to techniques from classical automation technology (IEC 61131-3), methods of model-based system development - including UML, OCL, Petri nets and model transformations - are also taught. In order to ensure long-term benefits for the participants, existing open-source software is used as part of the practical course, which is also used in research and industry.

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