Automation Laboratory

SS/WS   SWS: 4   ECTS: 4 WS   Examination: written (German)


Training objective: The aim of the automation technology practical course is to deepen the theoretical content of the automation technology lecture and to illustrate its application in practice. Attendance of the lecture Automation Technology is recommended, but not a mandatory requirement.

Practical course: The practical course consists of four stations, which are passed through sequentially by small bottles.

Tasks of the stations:

    Station 1: Sorting different types of bottles.
    Station 2: Filling the bottles
    Station 3: Closing the bottles with screw caps
    Station 4: Palletizing

In a team, to which one of the four stations is assigned on the first day of the internship, the students program one of the stations.   

The internship comprises five test dates, of which the first four days are aimed at the complete commissioning of the plant. After an introduction to the programming system (IEC61131-3 programming languages), the respective station is programmed and tested on real hardware. Finally, the acceptance test is carried out on the real plant.
On the last day the students can use their acquired knowledge in IEC61131-3 programming for the commissioning of a hydraulic test bench.
Here, hydraulic valves can be addressed and controlled by programmable logic controllers.

You will receive the script via Moodle immediately after the registration deadline (about 2 weeks before the start of the lab). Bring the script with you to all test days!

The practical course takes place twice per semester as a 5-day block event.



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