Practical Course on Industrial Software Engineering / C++

SS/WS   SWS: 4   ECTS: 4 WS   Examination: written (German)

The practical course "Industrial Software Engineering / C++" teaches basic skills in dealing with software for embedded systems. For this purpose, the knowledge from the basic studies in C programming is to be refreshed and applied to the object-oriented paradigms of the C++ programming language. For this purpose, the practical course has been divided into two sections. In the first section, with a total duration of 3 days, the students learn the basics of the programming language C++, which you deepen on the basis of numerous practical programming tasks. In the 2nd part of the practical course, which also lasts 3 days, the acquired knowledge is applied to the control development for the robot FORBOT A4 (Fa. Roboterwerk) on the basis of a Raspberry Pi. Thereby, basic strategies and skills for the connection of sensors, such as Hall sensors, the control of actuators, such as motor controllers, but also the connection of peripheral devices, such as keyboard, will be practically taught to the students.

More specialised information about the lecture, contact persons, downloads and the related exam is only available in German.