Practical Course on Simulation Technology

SS/WS   SWS: 4   ECTS: 4 WS   Examination: written (German)


The simulation of real or imaginary systems is an important area in engineering. There is hardly a field in which modeling and simulation does not play a major role. 

The practical course on simulation technology provides experiences in modeling and simulation of technical products and processes. By using the simulation tool Matlab/Simulink with its state machine toolbox Stateflow you will learn to map continuous and event-driven processes to a simulation model and to optimize these models with appropriate methods.

As modeling object we will focus on an automated filling plant, as it is used in process industry. Starting with the hardware and the mechanic parts these continuous modules will be translated into Matlab models. Thereafter the event-driven control module will be transfered into a Stateflow model. Step by step all parts of the plant are converted into simulation models which are finally linked to one hybrid model of the entire automation plant.

The practical course takes place twice a term in the semester breaks and takes five days running. Up to ninety participants work in teams of two. To provide the required high personal contribution and the large scope of content, a team of tutors are available. For a successful participation we suggest to have knowledge of the following courses:

  • Mathematics
  • Automatic Control

The course is divided in four units. The first day starts with introductory questions to MATLAB, Simulink and Stateflow. On the following day a first complete system, a pick-and-place unit, has to be modeled. The continuous processes are modeled in Simulink, the state-based control in Stateflow. During the two following days a filling plant must reproduced again divided into continuous and event-driven parts. On the last day the modeled systems are to be optimized. For this purpose appropriate algorithms have to be implemented in MATLAB scripts and are then executed with different operating parameters on the Simulink/Stateflow models and finally analyzed.

Lecture Notes

Please prepare the introduction to practical course before the course date:

Praktikum Simulationstechnik - Einführung

Exercises and further information can be found in the following textbook (available in textbook inventory of the TUM library) and in its download area:

A. Angermann, M. Beuschel, M. Rau, U. Wohlfarth: MATLAB, Simulink, Stateflow – Grundlagen, Toolboxen, Beispiele. München, Oldenbourg, 2011

The lecture notes will be sold on the first day of the practical course by the student representatives (Fachschaft).


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