Department Machine Tools

The main task of the Department is the interdisciplinary development, construction and optimization of machine tools as well as the implementation of a suitable methodical approach. One focus is on the investigation and optimization of the dynamic behavior of machine structures. For this purpose, methods for simulation and experimental analysis of the structural behaviour, control and machining processes of machine tools are used. Furthermore, tools and procedures for the development of control software are developed. The control design of complex systems forms an important basis for the development and implementation of integrated adaptive structures and control methods to improve the dynamic machine properties.

Head of Department: Martina Elisabeth Sigl

Research Competences

  • Structural behaviour
    The aim of this research field is to develop methods for the analysis and optimization of the static, dynamic and thermal behaviour of machine tools taking into account the machining processes.
    Research Field Lead: Daniel Piendl
  • Process behaviour
    Integration of different manufacturing technologies as well as cooperation of different machines allows to increase the productivity and product quality.
    Research Field Lead: Fabian Vieltorf
  • Friction welding
    The focus in this field of research is on the investigation of equipment technology for friction stir welding as well as the weldability of new materials and their mixed joints. Furthermore, approaches for temperature control of the process are investigated and the production and economic use of metal matrix composites are investigated.
    Research Field Lead: Amanda Zens


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