Picture of Mahadevan Ravichandran

Mahadevan Ravichandran

Technical University of Munich

Chair of Product Development and Lightweight Design (Prof. Zimmermann)

Research Group



  • Petrich, C.; Dimroth, A.; Kraus, K.M.; Winter, J.; Matejcek, C.; Butzek, M.; Natour, G.; Ravichandran, M.; Zimmermann, M.; Aulenbacher, K.; Galek, M.; Wilkens, J.; Combs, S.E.; Bartzsch, S.: Towards Clinical Translation of Microbeam Radiation Therapy (MRT) with a Compact Source. International Journal of Radiation Oncology*Biology*Physics 117 (2), 2023, S38-S39 more…


  • Petrich, Mr Christian; Winter, Ms Johanna; Dimroth, Mr Anton; Matejcek, Christoph; Rötzer, Mr Sebastian; Zhang, Ms Yunzhe; Ravichandran, Mr Mahadevan; Zimmermann, Markus; Butzek, Michael; Aulenbacher, Kurt; Wilkens, Jan J.; Bartzsch, Stefan: PROTOTYPE OF A LINE-FOCUS X-RAY TUBE (LFXT) AS COMPACT SOURCE FOR MICROBEAM AND FLASH RADIOTHERAPY. Physica Medica 104, 2022, S61-S62 more…
  • Ravichandran, Mahadevan; Winter, Johanna; Bartzsch, Stefan; Zimmermann, Markus: Material selection for extreme thermo-mechanical loads using design space projection: A concept study for an ultra-high power X-Ray source. NordDesign 2022, 2022 more…