Bahador Keshavari  
Research field: Biomechanics, material science
Dissertation: N.D.
Aljoscha Hermann  
Research field: Biomechanics, material science, physiology
Dissertation: Development of Algorithms for Mechatronic Ski Bindings to Reduce Knee Injuries in Alpine Skiing
Research field: Psychology
Dissertation: N/A
Stefanie Passler  
Research fields Environmental Ergonomics, Sports Science, Thermo-Physiology, Personal Protective Equipment
Dissertation: Ergonomy of Personal Protective Equipment: thermic load and fatigue of the human in the Context of Sports and Working Environment.
Kilian Rauner  
Research field: Biomechanics & Digital Human Modelling
Dissertation: Development of a multi body simulation Model of the human ankle to investigate supination Traumas