Stefanie Passler  
Fields of research: Environmental Ergonomics, Sports Science, Thermo-Physiology, Personal Protective Equipment 


  • Passler, S.; Müller, N.; Senner, V. In-Ear Pulse Rate Measurement: A Valid Alternative to Heart Rate Derived from Electrocardiography? Sensors 2019, 19, 3641.
  • Passler, S.; Bohrer, J.; Blöchinger, L.; Senner, V. Validity of Wrist-Worn Activity Trackers for Estimating VO2max and Energy Expenditure. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2019, 16, 3037. https://doi:10.3390/ijerph16173037
  • Bubb, H., Paßler, S., & Bubb, I. (2019). Gebrauchstauglichkeit von Home-Care-Produkten – Anwendung durch untrainierte medizinische Laien. In A. Hermeneit, A. Steffen, & J. Stockhardt (Eds.), Praxiswissen Medizintechnik. Medizinprodukte planen, entwickeln, realisieren: Der CE-Routenplaner (29th ed., p. 7204). Köln: TÜV Media GmbH TÜV Rheinland Group.
  • Passler, S., Mitternacht, J., Janta, M., & Senner, V. (2016). Conceptual Development and Evaluation of Heat Relief Principles for the Application in Bicycle Helmets. Procedia Engineering, 147, 501–506.




Supervised student works:

  • Estimation of Human Core Body Temperature Under Different Exercise Conditions – A Model-Based Approach Using Non-Invasive Measurement Methods
  • Non-Invasive Determination of Body Core Temperature During Physical Exercise – Advancement and Initial Validation of a Demonstrator System
  • Design and Construction of a Portable Sensor System for Measuring Temperature and Humidity at the Human Head
  • Evaluation of and Research on the Cooling Capability of Phase Change Materials for Ballistic Helmets
  • Adaptive Cooling Unit for Closed Helmet Systems: Design, Validation, and Verification of a Functional Model
  • Design of a Test Bench for Interior Air Conditioning in Passenger Cars
  • Development of a Ventilated Car Seat and an Overhead Ventilation System to be Used in a Real Vehicle
  • Thermal Comfort in Electric Vehicles – Combination of Overhead Ventilation and Air-Conditioned Car Seats During the Actual Drive Mode
  • Development and Evaluation of a Non-Invasive Measuring System for Real-Time Monitoring of Human Water-Electrolyte Balance
  • Non-Invasive Perspiration Analysis of Lactate and Glucose – An Alternative to In-Vivo Measurements During Physical Activity
  • Conception and Realization of an Ankle Orthosis
  • Development of an EMS-Demonstrator for Ankle Support
  • Effects of Autonomous and Controlled Workouts on Flow-Experience Under Certain Training Conditions
  • Can Robots Measure Human Haptic Perception? Insights into Fabric Feel – A Women’s Perspective


Lectures / assistant lectures:

  • Ergonomisches Praktikum – Environmental Ergonomics (Climate - Thermophysiological stress and its reduction)
  • Sporttechnologisches Projekt (Summer term)


Doctoral projects:

Project title Begin  Faculty Doctorfather/mother Mentor

Ergonomy of Personal Protective Equipment: thermic load and fatigue of the human in the Context of Sports and Working Environment.

09/2017 Faculty Mechanical Engineering Prof. Dr.-Ing. Veit Senner Dr.-Ing. Christin Hölzel