20 Years Intro Video

20 Years Anniversary Publication

Please find the download to the anniversary publication here.


Daily Planet (Discovery Channel) Film records at the Professorship for Sport Equipment and Sport Materials - Video

Einstein SRF report on: 'Knee simulator should save body joints' - 6.2.2014

You can find the link to the entire video here.

Prof. Senner's statements and research will be provided at minute 20:22.

SPGM-Annual Reports

Find attached the SPGM-Annual Report 2014

Find attached the SPGM-Annual Report 2015

Find attached the SPGM-Annual Report 2016 

Find attached the SPGM-Annual Report 2017 

Find attached the SPGM-Annual Report 2018

Find attached the SPGM-Annual Report 2019 

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